Is the iPhone X Worth Buying in 2024?

The iPhone X, which debuted in 2017, represented a substantial shift in iPhone design with its edge-to-edge display and Face ID technology. 

While newer models have more advanced capabilities, the iPhone X is still an appealing option for budget-conscious shoppers. This article profoundly examines the iPhone X's merits and weaknesses to help you determine whether it's worth purchasing in 2024.

What Makes the iPhone X Special?

The iPhone X represented a great smartphone structure and operation achievement upon its release. A bezel-less display replaced the conventional home button as part of the all-screen design, which was one of the device's most notable innovations. 

This launched Face ID, a secure facial recognition technology utilized to activate the device, and enhanced the viewing experience's immersion. The iPhone X also had two cameras on the back, one of which was a telephoto lens that improved portrait mode and low-light photos. 

Sleek performance for routine operations and more resource-intensive applications was guaranteed by the device's A11 Bionic microprocessor, a cutting-edge processor at the time. Another feature that enhanced user convenience was wireless charging, which was introduced with the iPhone X. 

Although these functionalities might not be regarded as state-of-the-art by 2024 standards, they established a novel smartphone standard by delivering a resilient and intuitive user experience.

Is the iPhone X a Good Buy in 2024?

Your money and priorities will determine the solution. Here's a breakdown to assist you in making your decision:


  • Affordability: Compared to recent iPhones, the iPhone X is substantially less expensive, especially when purchasing reconditioned models.
  • Classic Design: The bezel-free display and distinctive design remain appealing.
  • Solid Performance: The A11 Bionic chip can quickly handle most everyday chores and apps.
  • iOS Compatibility: It receives software upgrades, which ensures ongoing security patches and access to most apps.


  • Outdated Hardware: The camera, battery life, and processor are less powerful than modern iPhones.
  • Absence of 5G: To ensure reliability in the future, the iPhone X lacks 5G connectivity.
  • Software Enhancements: Although it will continue to receive specific updates, it will not gain access to the most recent iOS features available on subsequent models.

The iPhone X may be an excellent choice if you value cost, a classic design, and adequate performance for simple tasks. A newer iPhone model is recommended if you require the most recent specifications, 5G connectivity, or access to the latest software features.

A Comprehensive Review of the iPhone X

In 2024, may it be worthwhile to purchase an iPhone X? Let's examine the device's specifications in more detail.

The display

Featuring vibrant colors and deep blacks, the iPhone X's 5.8-inch OLED display provides visually striking effects. Although it lacks the most advanced resolution currently accessible in 2024, this display maintains its high standard. It is well-suited for routine tasks such as browsing the web, conducting app-related research, and viewing videos.

The design

The iPhone X offers a premium feel and robust build quality due to its all-glass and stainless steel composition. Facing the front camera and Face ID sensors, the design incorporates a distinctive indentation at the top of the display. This notch may feel intrusive despite its initial innovation, compared to the more advanced, bezel-less designs of more recent smartphones.

The Performance

Operating on a lightweight of games, social media, and perusing, the iPhone X provides fluid performance due to its A11 Bionic processor. 

Users may need help with the functionalities of more recent processors when running more intensive applications and performing extensive multitasking. Although it was revolutionary when it first appeared, the A11 Bionic processor delivers dependable performance for most users.

The Camera

Lighted conditions are ideal for capturing high-quality images with the dual rear camera system's 12MP wide lens and 12MP telephoto lens. 

Although its performance in dim light is satisfactory, it falls short of the capabilities of more recent iPhone models. The front-facing camera is sufficient for video conversations and selfies, delivering clear, detailed images suitable for daily use.

iOS Compatibility and Connectivity

With at least one more significant iOS update anticipated, the iPhone X will continue to receive software support and access to new features as of May 2024. 

It is currently operating on iOS 16. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC are fundamental connectivity options it sustains. A significant drawback for those wishing to future-proof their device in an ever-more-dependent 5G environment is that it does not support 5G.

Wireless Charging and Battery Life

Heavy users may be unable to charge the iPhone X fully, but it can last an entire day with moderate use. The phone is (Qi) wirelessly charging compatible, eliminating the necessity for cables and providing added convenience to users. 

When the iPhone X was introduced to the smartphone industry, this characteristic and its overall design and performance contributed to its status as a significant market advancement.

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Buying an iPhone X in 2024 comes down to your needs and budget. If you're a casual user on a tight budget who values a premium design and a phone that can handle everyday tasks, the iPhone X can be a compelling option. 

However, a newer iPhone model would be a wiser investment if you're a power user who needs the latest technology, 5G connectivity, or the best possible camera performance. When buying a refurbished iPhone X, check the condition carefully, ensuring it comes with a warranty and has undergone a thorough inspection process.