Why Choose SmartiMobile? More than just savings

At SmartiMobile, affordability is only one component of the jigsaw. We're dedicated to making technology accessible to everyone while providing you with a reliable product.

Here's what genuinely separates us:

Unmatched Value

We supply steep price cuts on brand-new merchandise, making acquiring the newest gadgets affordable. Premium smartphones should be available for a small portion of their original cost, enabling you to update to the newest features and functionalities without exceeding your spending limit.

Rigorous quality checks

Every pre-owned item is thoroughly inspected and refurbished by certified specialists. We do not simply erase data and place it back on the shelf. Our technicians thoroughly check each device, correcting hardware or software issues to ensure peak performance and operation.

For your assurance, here is a detailed look at our refurbishment procedure:

  • Thorough Examination: Every device undergoes an exhaustive diagnostic examination using advanced software. This comprehensive testing procedure finds possible problems with the hardware or software, from minor faults to complex issues.
  • Professional Refurbishment:Once issues are identified, knowledgeable professionals fix them. Replacing broken parts with new, high-quality ones that meet the manufacturer's standards is one possibility. With our team's expertise and experience, we can take care of various repairs to keep your used device functioning properly.
  • Cosmetic Update: We recognize the value of appearances. Each gadget is, therefore, painstakingly cleaned and polished. This gives the gadget a like-new appearance by removing cosmetic imperfections and restoring its original sheen. A previously owned device that feels and looks brand new will be delivered to you.
  • Final Quality Check: Every gadget is put through one more round of testing before being put up for sale. This ensures that the device performs at its best and that all features function flawlessly. You can be sure that the equipment you use is operational and in outstanding condition.

A wide selection

We don't stick to just a few popular models. Our huge collection includes a wide variety of iPhones, Samsung phones, Google Pixel phones, tablets from major companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft, and much more.

Whether you're a budget-conscious customer looking for a dependable entry-level phone or a tech enthusiast who wants the latest flagship features, SmartiMobile has something for everyone.

Transparency and Trust

We believe in complete transparency. Every pre-owned gadget on our website includes a full explanation of its condition (excellent, very good, or good), storage capacity, color options, and any cosmetic flaws.

We even give high-quality images from various perspectives, allowing you to thoroughly understand the product before purchasing.

Peace of Mind Warranty

Our equipment is fully guaranteed, protecting you from any unexpected problems. The guarantee length varies depending on the device model and condition, but knowing that our dedication to quality backs your purchase gives you extra piece of mind.

Flexible financing options

We recognize that even used equipment may be expensive. We have worked with reputable finance companies to provide convenient installment plans.

This makes having the technology you want easier than ever without straining your budget. Pay as little as $40 and spread the remainder over manageable monthly installments.

The SmartiMobile Advantage: Beyond Functionality

Convenient Online Shopping

We created our website to be both user-friendly and informative. Our simple search filters enable you to narrow your results based on specific parameters such as brand, model, storage capacity, price range, and condition. You can also go through curated collections, such as "Best Value Phones" or "Top-Rated Tablets," to find gadgets that meet your needs and price.

Detailed Product Descriptions

Each pre-owned device on our website includes a detailed explanation that goes beyond the technical details. We understand your want to learn the "real story" behind the item. Our product descriptions contain:

  • A clear explanation of the device's condition grade (excellent, very good, or good) and detailed details about any visual flaws.
  • High-resolution images from various perspectives demonstrate the device's general condition.
  • A summary of major specifications, such as processor, RAM, storage capacity, camera capabilities, battery life, and operating system.
  • Details on any extras included with the purchase, such as a charging cord or a screen protector.

Secure payment options

We prioritize your safety. That is why we provide several secure payment methods through reputable payment processors. Popular options include credit cards, debit cards, and secure online payment platforms. We use industry-standard encryption technology to keep your financial information secure throughout checkout.

Fast and Reliable Shipping

Time is valuable. That's why we provide quick and dependable shipping alternatives to get your pre-owned equipment to you as quickly as possible.

You can select standard shipping, expedited shipping, or even overnight delivery based on your requirements. We work with trustworthy shipping companies to ensure your equipment reaches you safely and securely.

No hassle returns

We recognize that things don't always go as planned. This is why we provide a hassle-free return policy. If you are unhappy with your pre-owned gadget within the terms specified in our return policy, you may quickly initiate a return and obtain a full refund.

Smarti Mobile Ecosystem: Our Products Beyond Phones and Tablets

Your smartphone or tablet represents an extension of your lifestyle. At SmartiMobile, we provide a wide range of accessories to personalize your mobile and maximize its potential:

1. Protective Cases

Our large range of attractive and sturdy cases protects your phone or tablet from regular bumps and scratches. We provide many case styles to fit your needs, from thin and minimalist designs to tough and protective solutions. Whether you prefer aesthetics or utility, you'll find the ideal cover to protect your device while expressing your style.

2. Screen protectors

Accidents happen, but they should not damage your valuable device's display.  Our high-quality screen protectors offer undetectable protection from scratches, fractures, and fingerprints. Enjoy crystal-clear clarity and keep your touchscreen responsive without sacrificing protection.

3. Smartwatches and Wireless earphones

Enhance your active lifestyle with our selection of smartwatches and wireless earphones. Stay connected, track your health objectives, and enjoy uninterrupted music streaming, all without the need for cables. 

Smartwatches let you receive notifications, count your steps and calories expended, and even control your music playback right from your wrist. Wireless earbuds provide greater sound quality and freedom of movement, making them excellent for exercise, commuting, and daily use.

4. Headphones

Our high-fidelity headphones and speakers will allow you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite music, movies, and games. To accommodate your listening preferences, we provide a choice of headphone styles, such as over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear. Whether you enjoy bass or crisp audio, you'll find great sound-quality headphones.

5. Charging Solutions

With our comprehensive choice of chargers, power banks, and wireless charging solutions, you'll never run out of power again. We provide charging alternatives to keep your gadgets fueled up all day. Whether you require a compact and portable charger for on-the-go use or a high-capacity power bank for long excursions, we have a solution.

Our ever-expanding selection of mobile accessories extends beyond the necessities. We provide a variety of accessories to improve your mobile experience, like car phone mounts, portable tripods for taking amazing shots with your smartphone, and elegant tech bags to keep your gadgets organized and protected while on the road.

Join the SmartiMobile Family and Experience The Difference.

We are certain that SmartiMobile is your one-stop destination for anything mobile. Here's how to get started.

Browse our website: Explore our vast selection of used smartphones, tablets, and accessories. Use our handy search filters to select the best gadget or accessory.
Read the comprehensive product descriptions: Before making a purchase, make sure you understand the condition, characteristics, and included accessories of each pre-owned gadget.
Contact our customer service staff: Have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our pleasant and competent customer care representatives for assistance.
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